Patent Attorney

Patents are exclusionary mechanisms, which when properly written by a Patent Attorney, provide the ability to prevent anyone, from Fortune 500 companies to other individuals, from appropriating another’s ideas.

Even if the idea is never created in a physical form, a patent protects one’s ideas.

We specialize in drafting patent applications for all walks of life, from the individual inventor to large scale corporations.  Our comprehensive experience extends to a wide variety of industry sectors and has allowed us to serve all walks of life. 

We helped inventors from the conception of an idea, to drafting a patent application, and ultimately being awarded a full fledged patent.

Unlike other law firms, our patent rates are based on a flat-fee basis, which is dependent on the type of application desired.  We do not bill on an hourly rate, but instead provide an upfront cost to allow the client to make an informed decision.

Our attorneys and agents provide a free initial consultation.  During that initial consultation, we will provide a road map of the patent process along with what fees one may anticipate.

Patent Attorney