copyright licensing

What is Copyright Licensing?

Copyright licensing refers to the process in which a copyright owner grants permission to a third party to produce, distribute, or sell the copyrighted work. It involves authorizing the use of various rights associated with the work, such as copying, performing, displaying, or distributing a book, movie, or other creative work. The copyright owner, known as the "Copyright Licensor," provides a written agreement, establishing a "Copyright Licensee" relationship with the third party.

What is Software Licensing?

Software licensing involves the granting of permission by a software owner to a third party, allowing them to use, modify, create derivative works of, distribute, or resell specific software. This permission is granted through a "software license," which establishes the rights and conditions under which the software can be utilized.

software licensing

Our attorneys are well-versed in preparing copyright assignments, copyright licenses, and providing general guidance on how to properly protect your software and other intellectual works through copyrights.

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