Free Initial Consultation

Do you think you might be interested in filing a patent application, but don’t know the steps. Many people have lots of questions from the start, such as:

  1.  Do I even need a patent application?
  2.  Should I file a provisional patent application first or should I file a regular patent application?
  3. Is an idea alone sufficient or do I need to have a physical invention in hand?
  4. How much does a patent cost?
  5. Can I use my own drawings or must there be formal renditions?

Of course, like anything else, the answers to these questions is: IT DEPENDS! The answer to any of these questions can be either Yes or No, dependent on a numerous factors, such as the field of the invention, the sophistication of the idea, and just how far along one is in the patent process. For answers to these questions and more, feel free to fill out the form below or call for a free initial consultation.