Aaron Mulvey is a Patent Attorney who has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for over 15 years. Aaron began his career a registered Patent Agent while attending Law School.  While still in school, Aaron drafted and filed numerous patent applications covering a wide array of engineering fields.

Aaron employed his Mechanical Engineering Degree and experience not only to provide support and insight to various engineering projects, but was able to use his experience with the patent office in assisting various inventors and professors with tenability and practical aspects of their inventions.

Since graduating from Law School, Aaron has maintained this practical and straightforward approach with his clients.  Aaron has advised numerous inventors and companies in their pursuit of a wide variety of intellectual property goals.

Aaron has prosecuted an array of patent applications from simple inventions which include non-moving parts to extremely complex engines which incorporate and rely on a slew of interconnected machinery in order to function.

For those who Aaron believes may not need to seek a full utility patent application, Aaron has also assisted numerous inventors in filing their own provisional patent applications and walked them through the various steps.

Aaron Mulvey Patent Attorney
Aaron Mulvey Patent Attorney